North Tour

The North tour is unique to dive into the landscape changes during the crossing.

Highlands, to the west and then entering the heart of northern Madagascar. An adventure you will not soon forget.
  • Scenery breathtaking during the tour
  • 3 national parks :
    • Ankarafantsika
    • Ankarana
    • Montagne d’Ambre
  • The Sambirano river and cocoa plantations
  • The 3-bay at Diego
  • Emerald Sea


Itinerary : Antananarivo – Ampijoroa – Ambanja – Ankarana – Diego Suarez



Price: from 750 Euros / pax (decreasing price group)


Day 1 (Antananarivo – Ampijoroa)


Departure to Ankarafantsika National Park

Behold, enjoy the beauty of the unique landscapes of Madagascar’s west

L'ouest malgache

Day 2 (Ankarafantsika)


Visit of the Ankarafantsika National Park

Morning: Tour Ankarokaroka (canyon) (Duration: 3 hours 30 Distance: 9 km)

Afternoon: Tour Pachypodium (Duration: 3 hour drive, Distance: 3.5 km)


Day 3 (Ankarafantsika – Ambanja)


On the way to Ambanja, located along the river Sambirano, cocoa stronghold


Day 4 (Ambanja)


Canoe trip on the river with a view of the cocoa plantations


Day 5 (Ambanja – Ankarana)

Ambanja – Ankarana

Journey to reach the Tsingy of Ankarana


Day 6 (Ankarana)


Visit of the the Tsingy of Ankarana


Day 7 (Ankarana – Diego Suarez)

Ankarana – Diego Suarez

Last step to finally reach Diego Suarez, extreme north of the island


Day 8 (Montagne d’Ambre)

Montagne d’Ambre

Visit and explore the”Montagne d’Ambre” National Park

Parc montagne d'Ambre 2

Day 9 (Diego Suarez)

3 bays

Relaxation, relaxing on the beautiful beaches of the 3 bays


Day 10 (Diego Suarez)

Emerald Sea

Boat trip to the Emerald Sea

Pain de sucre

Day 11 (Diego Suarez – Tana and Diego Suarez – Nosy Be)

Transfer to the airport to the capital or transfer to Nosy Be (to be discussed)



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